IOOF Foundation – new opportunties for grants funding

By Trish Dodge, IOOF Foundation Manager

The IOOF Foundation is accepting expression of interest forms for the final founding round in FY14. Expressions of Interest are welcome from NSW, SA, WA, and NT.

Funding areas

We are committed to creating opportunities for disadvantaged families, youth and the aged, by investing in initiatives that improve quality of life and help others achieve their potential to meaningfully participate in the community. We achieve this by granting of funds to Australian community groups.

Our focus areas include:

  • Aged Care: It is well known that there is an increasing need for improving the quality of life for Australia's ageing population. We are focused on supporting the needs of older members of our community.
  • Disadvantaged Families: Our support for disadvantaged families is focused on providing families with a chance to remove some of the difficulties that block their opportunities for a better quality of life.
  • Disadvantaged Youth & Children: We are dedicated to supporting programs to assist youth and children to reach their full potential. Programs that focus on developing technical skills, health and disability and providing unique engagement opportunities are all considered.

Funding amounts

Community organisations can apply directly for:

  • Small Grants: a one year grant for up to $10,000
  • General Grants: grants up to $30,000 per a year for up to two years

The IOOF Foundation selects and invites organisations to partner with the Foundation. We do not accept open requests under this strategy.

Foundation news

For more information on projects supported by the Foundation, please read our Summer 2014 

Further information

Visit or contact Trish Dodge, IOOF Foundation Manager on 03 8614 4560.