A focus on financial advice

Renato Mota, Group General Manager, Wealth Management

Renato Mota

Welcome to our first edition of Adviser News for 2016. I hope you had the opportunity to relax and spend time with your family and friends over the summer break.

The value of advice

For those of you who have read my ‘Viewpoint’ articles over the years, you will know how passionate I am about the value of financial advice. After all, at IOOF, that is what we are all about.

We are here to support advisers and provide what is most valued by clients to help them achieve their financial goals. We truly believe consumers benefit, both financially and emotionally, from quality financial advice and that they care about the advice they receive, over and above financial products.

In fact, our recent White Paper ‘The true value of advice’, demonstrated the benefits of financial advice – beyond investment returns – for those who receive financial advice compared to those who don’t. And the results were compelling with 19 per cent reporting fewer disagreements at home over money and 13 per cent reporting increased levels of overall personal happiness.

We look forward to embracing the growth of technology in our industry – something we see as complementary to the advice you provide to ensure more and more Australians benefit.

Personally, I feel privileged to work in an industry that succeeds in delivering such positive emotional benefit and sees us truly contributing to the wellbeing of the communities in which we live.

I am also particularly excited about my new appointment to Group General Manager – Wealth Management to help align our capabilities and continue the evolution of advice and service strategies.

Making the complex easy

At IOOF, we recognise the important role we play in how you provide financial advice.

In 2016, our focus is on ‘making the complex easy’ and we are rolling out major new projects to better understand ‘what matters’ to you and your clients. This client first journey is already providing a better experience and, as we continue to explore and uncover new ways to deliver on our promises, we look forward to bringing you these results.

While our level of service is something which always has, and will continue to, differentiate us from our competitors, we recognise the importance of real choice in product and platform solutions.  That’s why we offer open product architecture with access to best of breed solutions. These include solutions constructed by our Investments team, who were recently awarded a '5 Apples' rating from Chant West for their ability to construct quality multi-manager funds.

Ongoing commitment

Supporting financial advisers has always been the driver of our success as a business, and will continue to be in 2016. I look forward catching up with many of you in 2016 and wish you all success in the year ahead.

Group General Manager - Wealth Management

Renato Mota joined IOOF in 2003 and has held the roles of Head of Strategy, General Manager Investor Solutions and General Manager Distribution. In 2015 he was promoted to Group General Manager – Wealth Management. As a key contributor to the strategic direction of the IOOF group, Renato is responsible for the overall delivery of value to the group’s various client segments – be it through the provision of quality financial advice or via the leading products and services required to meet client needs.

The information contained in this newsletter is provided on behalf of the IOOF group of companies and is intended for financial adviser use only. It is given in good faith and has been prepared based on information that is believed to be accurate and reliable at the time of publication. Any examples are for illustration purposes only and are based on the continuance of present laws and our interpretation of them at the time.